Will a new boiler save money?

Lookout for a new boiler? One of the first questions you’ll be asking is ‘Will a new boiler save me money’?

The good news is that for the most part, a new boiler will save you money and lower your energy bills.

Learning about boilers doesn’t have to be stressful, but knowing everything you can, can help with a final decision. Speaking to industry experts can also help to back up your choice of boiler.

In this article, we’re going to look at :

  • Energy efficiency
  • How your energy bills can be lowered
  • Overview of available boiler types
  • Examples of boilers

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Let’s begin…

Will a new boiler’s efficiency grading save me money?

When it comes to understanding the efficiency of one boiler to the next, many things need to be considered. Annual gas bills for a typical household usually add up to around £750 to £1,000. Everything from your boiler’s age to the quality of its design and brand such as Viessmann or Ariston has just as much of an effect.

However, consider the fact that the condensing boilers we now have available to us in this day and age boast an efficiency of around 89-94%. Many older boilers in the UK have become so worn down that they only have an efficiency of around 60%. That means that around 40% of the total energy used by these older boilers gets completely wasted, so it makes sense to learn more about how these ratings are defined.

As a domestic appliance, boilers adhere to an efficiency rating based on letters A-G of the alphabet. Modern boilers now have to have an efficiency rating of A (90% and above) and must be clearly stated. The following guideline shows the requirements for each efficiency rating:

Based on these percentages, it’s easy to see how boilers from different decades might fare against each other. For example, a 25 year old non-condensing boiler will only be about 60% efficient. At that point, you’ll just be bleeding money out your wallet.

How can a new boiler save me money?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you’ll save around £340 on your annual energy bills when getting an A-rated boiler. Not only this, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of long term security and comfort. It’s a win-win situation!

If you’re on the hunt for a new boiler however, always be mindful of the price. They’re built to last more than 15 years. This means you need to think about the efficiency levels towards the end of its lifespan as well. You’ll need to compare that cost against any frequent repairs you might need on your current boiler.

New boiler options

That last paragraph shouldn’t make you worry if you’ve had your current boiler for around 25 years, but where do you go from here? You might find it more comfortable to keep the same boiler to begin with, but sooner or later it will get expensive through constant repairs, services and maintenance.

The smarter option at this point, will be to get a new boiler entirely. That way, you enjoy all the benefits that come with a modern, non-condensing boiler as well as a drastic reduction on your energy bills each year.

What types of boiler are there to help me save money?

This is a good place to start if you’ve already made the decision to buy a new boiler. You’ll need to speak to a heating expert such as B T Morgan to know exactly which one might be best for you and your property, but here is a brief summary of what types of boiler are available out there:

Open Vent Boiler

Open Vent Boilers are more commonly known as ‘regular’ or ‘conventional’ boilers. Using a cold water storage tank, expansion vessel and hot water cylinder, open vent boilers keep your water supply hot and ready for heating your home whenever you need it.

Homeowners that already have an open vent boiler in their property may often choose the same type again for the next installation, because the installation process itself is made easier in most cases.

Combi Boiler

This is easily the most popular boiler type currently in the UK, and is an excellent example of modern technology. One of the main benefits behind combi boilers is the fact that they don’t require space for a cold water storage tank or hot water cylinder.

This is because all components required are housed within the unit itself, and only need to heat water when you, the user, require it. In doing so, combi boilers are able to contribute to a massive drop in annual energy bills. So it makes sense that they’re so popular!

System Boilers

System boilers have a peculiar place in the boiler industry, as they share qualities and components with combi boilers AND open vent boilers. Just like combi boilers, they get their water supply directly from the mains, but like open vent boilers, still require a hot water cylinder.

System boilers are often a good choice for anyone conscious of space availability or need a decent flow rate out of multiple outlets simultaneously. For these reasons, if you have a big family but small space, system boilers might be an ideal choice for you.

Storage Combi Boilers

Sometimes overlooked as a viable option, storage combi boilers offer the hot water supply required by larger households or with a bigger demand for hot water to be used through multiple outlets simultaneously.

Featuring a built-in hot water cylinder housed inside the boiler unit itself, storage combi boilers may be an excellent solution for you.

For a review on one of our favourite storage combi boilers, the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W, click here.

Which are the most efficient boilers?

Since you’re looking through this article to find an answer to the question ‘Will a new boiler save me money?’, let’s move onto what really matters in terms of saving you money: boiler efficiency.

There are many manufacturers currently operating in the UK. These include Vaillant, Viessmann, Baxi, Worcester Bosch and many more. While they’re all competing to be the boiler of choice in your home, efficiency still plays a huge part in distinguishing them from each other. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Combi

Without a doubt, the Vitodens 200-W Combi is one of the most efficient boilers out there. Not only is it a popular choice for domestic properties, it has also developed a reputation as reliable for commercial properties as well.

Viessmann have had years of experience in the commercial arena, so it’s clear to see why the 200-w works so well in terms of efficiency. As a small example, Vaillant – a major competitor of Viessmann –  have one of Viessmann’s own commercial boilers in their one of their manufacturer bases in Germany…clearly they don’t want many people knowing that!

Key Features:

  • An impressive 98% of all fuel burned is used
  • Incredibly quiet, operating at only 34db
  • Patented Inox Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Environmentally responsible MatriX cylinder burner
  • Easy-to-operate Vitotronic control unit with 5 inch colour touchscreen

Viessmann Vitodens 100-w

Another entry from the Germany manufacturer Viessmann, the Vitodens 100-W is the most popular gas condensing boiler they currently have on the market.

As an example of efficiency, afforability and design, it’s one of the most popular choices for smaller, well insulated homes.

With innovative engineering and design, the 100-w is an excellent showcase of reliability and longevity. Along with impressive heating technology, you’re able to optimise your heating and ultimately cut down on your energy bills with this boiler.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight design and compact size
  • Efficiency Rating: A
  • Low fan speed allows boiler to run quietly
  • Lower carbon footprint with improved efficiency
  • Output availability ranging from 4.7 to 35kw
  • User-friendly touch screen makes it easy to understand and use

ATAF iC Economiser Plus 35 Combi

You’ll be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of ATAG before. Based in Netherlands, their presence is felt across Europe, as well as the UK. The iC Economiser Plus 35 Combi boasts an impressive efficiency rating at around 94%, meaning very little is actually wasted.

The boiler is able to achieve such a high level of efficiency because the primary heat exchanger that’s housed inside the boiler itself. The exchanger goes through the condensing process twice, making it very reliable in saving you money.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Junior Combi Gas Boiler

If we’re talking about efficiency, then you can’t go wrong with a Worcester Bosch boiler either.

The Greenstar 24i model is an excellent place to start, and where we’ve decided to introduce you to the popular manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly controls giving you the necessary tools to set temperature to your preference
  • DHW (Domestic Hot Water) instantly available on an as-and-when basis
  • 5 year guarantee included

Where do I go from here?

There’s a lot of information available to those looking to buy a new boiler, but sifting through it all to make a final decision can sometimes be tough.

That’s why we’ll always recommend speaking to one of our heating experts. You’ll get a comprehensive and reliable advice directly from the experts who know the industry the most.

All you need to do is call us directly on 02920 650 025 or get a free quote online straight from our website!

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