New Boiler Options

New Boiler Options - Which new boiler should I go for?

When thinking about New Boiler Options, your old boiler has probably thrown the towel by running up repair costs and constantly misbehaving. Now you might be considering your new boiler options, and are currently in the process of choosing an installer. With over thirty years’ experience in the domestic boiler market, B T Morgan Heating Engineers can offer the best impartial advice to make sure you replace that bad boy and help you with your new boiler options. When replacing your old boiler you need to identify what type of boiler you have currently installed because this will be one of these three options:

Viessman Vitodens which best buy 2018 new boiler options

Open vent
Commonly known as regular boiler,  an open vent boiler can be wall-mounted or floor standing.  They include the boiler itself, a Hot Water cylinder, a Cold water storage tank and a cold water expansion tank which is usually kept in the attic, but bear in mind, this is the least efficient system.

Viessman Vitodens which best buy 2018 new boiler options

System Boiler
System boilers are a pressurised system, and are very similar to the open vent boilers. Their main point of difference is that the expansion tank is replaced with an expansion vessel and a mains filling kit (also known as a filling loop). They'll normally have a pressure gauge on the front as well but compared to regular boilers, they're a little more efficient.

Vitodens 50 Boiler new boiler options

Combination Boilers
Combination boilers are stand-alone units. They have no hot water cylinder or cold feed tanks. The heating and hot water are pressurised, and are able to supply heating and instant hot water on demand, so there's no need for water storage. Most efficient system type.

New Boiler Options - Dispelling myths and incorrect information

Combination Boilers are only suitable for flats or small dwellings with one bathroom or one shower: FALSE

Combination Boilers come in various sizes that are measured in Kilowatts, and their output ranges from small, medium, large/extra-large. However, if you add on storage combination Boilers Extra Large Plus, there are solutions for up to 5 Bedroom properties with 3 Bathrooms, including 2 showers. For anthing above 5 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms, we would recommend that you take advice from a Heating professional who can design a bespoke solution.

 New Boiler options Combi (Small)

  • 24 to 25 Kw Combination Boiler suitable for 1 to 2 Bedroom flats or small town house with 1 Bathroom

New Boiler options Combi (Medium)

  • 28 to 30 Kw Combination Boiler suitable for 3 Bedroom house with 1 Bathroom and 1 Cloakroom

New Boiler options Combi (Large / Extra Large)

  • 33 to 42 Kw Combination Boiler suitable for 3 to 4 Bedroom house with 2 Bathrooms including 2 Showers

New Boiler options Combi (Extra Large Plus)

  • 26 to 35 Kw Storage Combination Boiler suitable for 5 Bedroom house with 3 Bathroom and 3 Showers

New Boiler Options Combi (Sizing Considerations)

If you live in a 5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms and 3 showers, then consider the maximum usage of hot water. This will depend on how many people live there. However if you and your partner live alone abd the children have grown up and have moved out, then 3 bathrooms will likely never be used at the same time. You could choose a 35kw combination boiler without storage, which will cope with your needs and keep the running costs down as your preferred solution.

When speaking to your installer let them know what your usage and requirements are, they can advise you on your best new boiler options. It’s worth considering and discussing the long-term plans for your home as situations can change and your needs may alter. We cannot express the importance of choosing the correct system type prior to installation and advice from a heating professional will ensure your expectations will be met.

New Boiler Options Open Vent or System (Sizing Considerations)

(Small with 80 Litre cylinder)

  • 13 to 19 Kw Open Vent or System Boiler suitable for 1 to 2 Bedroom flats or small town house with 1 Bathroom

(Medium with 120 Litre cylinder)

  • 19 to 26 Kw Open vent or System Boiler suitable for 3 Bedroom house with 1 Bathroom and 1 Cloakroom

(Large / Extra Large with 150 to 220 Litre cylinder)

  • 26 to 30 Kw Open vent or System Boiler suitable for 3 to 4 Bedroom house with 2 Bathrooms including 2 Showers

(Extra Large Plus with 220 to 300 litre cylinder)

  • 30 to 35 Kw Open vent or System Combination Boiler suitable for 5 Bedroom house with 3 Bathroom and 3 Showers

Here is a check list of important questions to ask your installer:

What system do you recommend for my home?
Why do you recommend this system?
Will my existing water mains pressure be suffice for this system?
What hot water delivery can I expect from the new boiler?
Will the new boiler be capable of adding a new bathroom?
Will the new boiler be capable of adding more radiators?
What performance can I expect compared to my old boiler?
Will my running costs be reduced with the new boiler?
What Manufacturer’s Warranty will I get and what does this cover?
Are there any other new boiler options to suit my budget?

Installing my new boiler

Now we know what new boiler we want, what are my options having it installed?

Can I buy the boiler and materials online in an attempt to save some money?

Chances are you won’t save money as most installers receive contract support for volume purchases throughout the year.

Can I engage with a local Gas engineer to Install my boiler and sundries?

Yes, you can but will you have the support and service with the assurance if a component is faulty. This will be down to the supplier who is the installer not an online retailer, manufacturers and suppliers blame installers and Installers say that components are faulty.

Do you want to be caught in the middle of a conflict where no party will accept responsibility?

Always best if one contractor supplies and installs your boiler and sundries, as they hold the responsibility of the complete installation and more often offer extended warranties as part of a loyalty programme.

New boiler options (choosing your installer)

We recommend you get three quotations and consider the following:

  • What back up service can I expect if a problem arises?
  • Will I receive annual service reminders to comply with warranty?
  • Who is my point of contact in an emergency and response time?
  • If I sell my home will the new owner inherit the remainder of warranty?
  • If you are chasing a company for a quote or a survey? are they reliable?
  • Prompt quotations and prompt install dates are always a good sign
  • Alarm bells go off if a company wants a large deposit or prepayment
  • Take time to read reviews, pay attention to reviews about installations

Can B.T. Morgan Heating Engineers help?

We firmly believe that we're a good choice when considering your new boiler options, as we are a medium-sized company who can offer competitive prices, free impartial advice and take care of our customers from start to finish. You can get an online quotation in minutes!!

New boiler installers should offer service, quality, efficiency, reliability.

New boiler installers should offer great service, quality, efficiency, and reliability.

We are here to meet all our customers’ expectations and needs. Visit our testimonials and see what our customers say about us, you won’t be disappointed.