LPG Gas boiler installation

When making your choice for an LPG gas boiler installation, it’s important to clue yourself in to what is defined as an LPG boiler. Maybe your previous boiler has suddenly kicked the bucket, or you feel overwhelmed by the options in front of you.

Because of this, it’s easy to feel a little lost. What exactly is an LPG boiler? How do they work? And most importantly, are they the right choice?

Let’s find out together…

LPG Gas boiler installation – What does LPG stand for?

Firstly, we need to clarify what LPG refers to.

It stands for ‘Liquid Petroleum Gas’ and simply put, is quite a universal fuel source. It’s incredibly dense as a liquid and can be contained in a relatively small space. What may surprise you, is that more than 4 million homeowners have also gone through an LPG gas boiler installation. Unlike natural gas, LPG is heavier than air and has a distinctly pungent aroma.

Calor LPG gas boiler installation

So, if you’re doing a straight LPG-to-LPG conversion, or it’s replacing another type of boiler, you’re definitely not alone. If you’re considering a change from Oil to LPG, the running costs may be slightly higher, but the installation, service and maintenance costs are considerably lower.

LPG Gas boiler installation – So how do they work?

One thing to remember about LPG boilers, is that ‘LPG’ refers to the fuel being used. For example, an LPG boiler can still be classed as combi, regular or a system boiler. It’s still the same liquid petroleum gas that’s being used as a fuel source.

For LPG boilers, you obviously don’t use gas that comes directly through the pipes from the gas grid. Instead, the fuel is stored in a large outdoor tank which is delivered by your supplier, there is a gauge on the tank to advise you how much fuel is left so you can contact your supplier and arrange a delivery.

Delivery can take a few days so it’s always best to keep a regular check on the levels. Your supplier can also provide LPG in cylinders to your property which can be delivered, they work on the same basis with a gauge to identify when you are getting low on fuel. However, when opting for Bulk tank supply your supplier can monitor fuel levels ensuring that you won’t be cut short of supply.

Therefore, they’re a better choice for people who live in isolated areas away from populated areas like cities. As long as they have a consistent supply of gas, they have all the fuel they need.


Let’s get down to the detail – what is it about an LPG gas boiler installation that makes them worth it? Thankfully there are quite a lot of benefits that include:

  • LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is an extremely efficient form of fuel – In terms of efficiency, many LPG boilers operate around 90%. So, for every £1 being used towards your energy bill, no more than 10p is being wasted, which is minimal.
  • It’s much better for the environment – As a fossil fuel, LPG is ‘cleaner’
  • More compact in size and quieter in sound – This is compared to most oil boilers, which are quite large and clunky. For more information on Oil to LPG conversions, click here.
  • Huge range of choices in the LPG gas boiler installation market – Viessmann offer a complete range of LPG compatible boilers with extended warranties, when installed by a Viessmann approved installation company like B T Morgan Heating Engineers. LPG boilers are fast becoming a very reliable and efficient means to warm your home.
  • LPG boilers can adopt the latest smart control technology optimising performance – The best example of this is Nest, who dominate the heating control market with their smart thermostat. A lot of money can be saved by using these devices – they programme themselves based on your living habits to only turn the heating on when necessary – saving you a lot of money in the meantime.


  • Even with an LPG gas boiler installation, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into. Here’s what you should also bear in mind to make sure you’re making the right choice!
  • You have to buy a tank as well – You can buy or rent these, but you’ll need to factor it in as an additional cost. Some consider them unattractive to have in your garden, but you also have the option of keeping it underground.
  • The fuel costs a little more – This is compared to natural gas or Oil. While this is one of the bigger drawbacks, the price of LPG fuel has dropped in recent years. This makes it a much more accessible fuel source.
  • The storage tank has a finite amount of space – This primarily falls on the size of the tank you choose to use. If it’s not refilled regularly, it will eventually run out. However, you might be the sort of person who can keep track of fuel delivery when you’re running low. If this is the case, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

LPG Gas boiler installation – Can you have the storage tank above or below ground?

As mentioned before, if regulations allow it, you also have the option of keeping your LPG storage tank below ground.

lpg boiler installation tank underground

When this is done, only the lid is kept visible so that refuelling is made easier. Bear in mind that the availability for this procedure depends a great deal on local weather conditions. For instance, if your area is prone to flooding.

Which leads us nicely onto the next topic…

LPG Boiler Regulations

Much like any other type of boiler, there are certain restrictions in place that need to be adhered to. This is no different for when you’re going through an LPG gas boiler installation. These are put in place in the interest of Health and Safety. Considering the impressive lifespan of boilers these days, this makes sense. It ensures that anyone who is in close proximity to the boiler is kept completely safe.

So what sort of regulations are there?

For an LPG gas boiler installation, you’d have to be aware of certain requirements such as:

  • Your new boiler will have to be condensing – This one isn’t too hard to avoid. All boilers installed in the last 15 years need to be condensing boilers to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Your new boiler will need to have an efficiency rating of at least 86%.
  • Air supply and flue regulations will need to be followed – A detailed list of some of the regulations can be found in this document.

Easily the most important thing to remember with an LPG gas boiler installation, is that the installation will need to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is qualified to work on LPG systems. Just because he is a Gas Safe qualified engineer does not mean he is qualified to install or service LPG boiler systems. Remember it is their job to make sure that any new boiler complies with the current regulations. You can always check their Gas Safe Card or the Gas Safe Engineers Register for this information.

If they’re not Gas Safe registered or qualified to work on LPG systems, then both parties will be breaking the law!

LPG Gas boiler installation – So who can supply me with LPG gas?

You have a number suppliers like Flo Gas and Avanti Gas but one of the largest UK suppliers is Calor. The company was formed in 1935 and provide LPG to customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Calor’s bulk tanks can be fitted with an Auto-Ordering Technology, this tells them when your tank is running low so there is no need to worry about ordering gas. To have a new LPG tank installed it can cost around £500. They also supply the 47kg Propane Gas bottles, if you were to have your LPG Boiler Installation fed off a bottled supply rather than an above or underground tank. Here at B T Morgan Heating Engineers Calor is our preferred supplier.

If you feel like an LPG gas boiler installation is the right choice for you, then you’re already making progress. You’re one step closer to ensuring your home is kept comfortably warm throughout the year. With a reliable fuel source and lower cost of initial installation, you’ll have made a choice that can save you lots of money in the long term.

You can complete the process by getting a free quote online and find out exactly what model boiler is best for you and your property! Have a look at our recent blog, Boiler Quotation to find out more information, we also offer finance options. Visit our Finance Boilers page and New Boiler Installation Pay Monthly to see if we can help you spread the cost of your new LPG gas boiler installation.