Best Boiler Fitters

How can You Find the Best Boiler Fitters to Install Your Boiler?

Choosing the best boiler fitters doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Or does it?  With so many options available in 2018, it can be difficult to choose the best boiler fitters.  Let us make it easier for you.

Investing in a boiler replacement or brand new central heating installation can be one of the biggest household buying decisions.  So, obviously you want the best boiler brand and fitters like Viessmann or Ariston, with a combination of knowledge, skills, expertise, and qualifications.

If you’re in the South Wales area, arranging a boiler installation is thankfully a simple process. If you’d like to get any more information, you can also take a look at some of our other articles:

Why Should Your Boiler Fitter be Knowledgeable?

Whether you’re going online or getting a survey, the heating engineer will need to have knowledge backed by experience. Because if it’s somebody who doesn’t understand central heating, they can suggest the wrong boiler size for your property.  Fortunately these days you can check reviews online on sites like Freeindex.  For example, you can read BT Morgan Heating Engineers reviews by clicking the image below:

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Even if you don’t buy from the boiler installation company or local plumber, you deserve the best heating advice. This is why knowledge and expertise matters.

The best boiler fitters in your area need skills and qualifications to install at the highest quality standards. They’ll need to commission and register your boiler installation with Building Regulation control, an essential document required when selling your property.  The best boiler fitters will need to ensure that your new boiler is set up correctly for your home heating requirements.  They should check & adjust flow rates, balance radiators, check hot water temperatures, thoroughly cleanse your system, advise on the best heating controls from a simple to use EPH Programmable Room Thermostat  to more complex controls like the internet enabled Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat and finally optimise the efficiency for the complete system.

When searching for the best boiler fitters you should check that they:

  • Are suitably experienced
  • Hold the appropriate qualifications
  • Regularly attend manufacturer’s training
  • Are up to date with the latest technology
  • Offer a variety of control options from basic thermostats to Internet controls

The best boiler fitters keep up to date with the latest technology for best practice.  If you know more about the boiler than your installer, you should reconsider whether you have chosen the right engineer.

Your boiler fitter should offer free impartial advice, assist in the design, recommend the best solution for your home and your budget.  They should then carry out the installation with minimum disruption, agree pipe routes before & during installation.  Furthermore, they should be neat & tidy and provide dust sheets where required and avoid cluttering your home with materials &  tools.

Gas Types & Checking an Installer or a Company

best boiler fitters, gas safe register

Gas Boilers fall into 2 categories: Natural Gas on Grid and LPG Gas Off Grid.  Both types of Gas fuels are governed by the HSE appointed Gas Safe register.  However, this does not mean that a Gas Safe registered boiler fitter who has Natural Gas certification, holds the relevant LPG qualifications, skills and training to install LPG Boilers or pipe work.  The gas engineer should have a separate module for this particular work.  It is illegal for any boiler fitters to install a fuel type that they do not possess the right qualifications in.  Natural Gas & LPG Gas may look the same, however they have totally different characteristics and test procedures.  Without the added training involved, this can be fatal.  The best boiler fitters will only carry out work that they have in their scope. Checking this is very simple:

  1. Visit the Gas Safe Register Website
  2. Click on either Check an Engineer or Check a Business
  3. Enter the Relevant Details

It will clearly show what work an engineer is qualified to undertake.  For example, natural gas cookers, fires, boilers & even pipe work.  Whilst LPG gas is similar it requires separate qualifications and these will be displayed on the Gas Safe Register. 

best fitters, oil boilers

Best Boiler Fitters for Oil Boilers

Oil boilers is a fuel category that requires another set of skills & qualifications.  Best boiler fitters for Oil will possess OFTEC Qualifications that last 5 years, just like gas engineers.  OFTEC is the main governing body.  Registered engineers are required to undertake a 5 day assessment whereby they will:

  • Need to Pass Theory & Practical Exams
  • Go through Yearly Inspections
  • Have Spot Inspections Undertaken
  • Attend Manufacturers Training
  • Keep up with the Latest Legislation Changes

If you boiler fitter does not possess these qualifications, then you will not receive the Building Regulation Certification and all manufacturers warranties will be invalid.  It is not worth taking the risk as oil boilers can be very expensive to repair, especially if the warranty is void.

B T Morgan Heating Engineers are OFTEC registered & Grant G1 Accredited with Grant UK  and we offer extended 7 year parts & labour warranty.

Do the Biggest Companies Employ the Best Boiler Fitters?

best boiler fitters

Large Companies employ a lot of engineers and have their fair share of the good, and the bad. With larger companies you never can be certain who you are going to get and a good chance you won’t have the same engineer who installed your boiler initially.  Also, larger companies have considerable overheads, huge marketing costs and understandably these have to be passed onto the end user.  Having a large company fitting your boiler doesn’t mean you will get the best service or the best value.  Therefore, the above is worth taking into consideration when choosing the best boiler fitters.  It is in your interest to read reviews about the engineer installing your boiler.

With larger organisations you are likely to find that you are unable to check an engineer’s work as you don’t know who will be fitting your boiler or working in your home or on your property.  The engineer may have been employed the week before your installation.

On a positive note, large companies will never walk away from problems arising during the installation and are likely to hold a larger variety of engineers to cover most scopes.  At BT Morgan Heating Engineers, we employ the best boiler fitters who have worked with us for many years and we find problems a good challenge and a brilliant way to push our skill set further.

Are Independent Engineers the Best Boiler Fitters?

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Small independent engineers may or may not be best boiler fitters, because you can get the good, the bad & the ugly.  With smaller companies, the lack of buying power is sometimes a hurdle to overcome, as they may not be installing large number of boilers.  The work carried out is varied, for example, they may be installing bathrooms, carrying out repairs and taking a large number of smaller jobs.  To add to this, they have little or no marketing budget as they tend to rely on recommendations, which is great and the prices should be the lowest due to reduced overheads.

They are not guaranteed to be the best boiler fitters.  As with all companies, including one man businesses, you should carry out checks to make sure that their work is exemplary.  Check that they have plenty of experience and their most recent reviews are credible as some say you are only as good as your last review

Reviews and Testimonials of an independent engineer are an excellent way to weed out the best boiler fitters from the average or the worst.  When review checking, look at what work was reviewed and whether it was a recent boiler installation and it matched the work that you’re looking to be undertaken – not replacing a bit of guttering.

Individual engineers often lack the support of free extended warranties due to the fact they probably do not attend manufacturers training, and also because they simply do not fit enough boilers. When finding the best boiler fitters, consider whether you will have cover if the single engineer is on holiday or working out of your area.  The price may be the best at the time, but what about the customer service and the extended warranty?

Medium Sized Companies who Specialise in Boiler Installations

Medium sized businesses that offer boiler installation should be the best boiler fitters.  This is due to the following reasons:

  • These companies have a decent scale to economy.
  • Companies like BT Morgan Heating Engineers have reduced overheads compared to say British Gas
  • These companies have reasonable marketing budgets.
  • They benefit from preferential discounts due to the volume of installations carried out.
  • They’ll use a variety of supplier merchants enabling quick delivery from stock.
  • They offer free central heating advice and help you choose the best boiler for your home.

best boiler fitters

best boiler fitters

BT Morgan Heating Engineers work with top manufacturers such as Viessmann UK  who have just received the UK Best Buy Boiler Award for the Second Year Running enabling free extended parts & labour warranty – 7 year on the Viessmann 050-W and 10 years on the 100-W range.

Medium sized companies like BT Morgan Heating Engineers can offer unrivalled service from free design to installation. We at BT Morgan Heating Engineers employ enough qualified and experienced engineers to ensure you are covered when you need us and our finance options are competitive.

Our customer service extends not only by fitting your boiler with the best boiler fitters, we take care of our customers’ needs by registering boiler warranty & building regulations  for you, recommend the best solution to suit your budget and display bona fide reviews for your inspection.

BT Morgan heating engineers offer a personal experience with excellent customer service and you are always a valued client, which we want to keep forever.

If you want a professional engineer to fit your boiler today, call us on 07980 910 180
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